Digital Marketing for Spanish speakers
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Our services in the US for the Spanish speakers

Recently we have opened operations in Oakland for the US market and we want to share with you some services that may be valuable to you and your organization

Digital Marketing for Spanish speakers
Digital Marketing for Spanish speakers

Marketing Digital Services in Spanish

  • If you want to offer some services in your website for Spanish speakers, we can translate your pages, a great opportunity to grow your customer base. For only $40 (texts of 500 words) you could increase your sales in a new market.
  • We incorporate SEO techniques that allow to improve your position in the search engine results page (SERP) rankings like Google and Bing. Through keyword analysis, we will help you determine which keywords will produce better results and higher ranking in search, that we will include in the text of articles.
  • To improve the stream of content on your website using your blog and landing pages, we can write for you, whether about your service or other related topics, where our standard rate is $20 per article for 350 words in Spanish. This has helped our other customers grow their content distribution library, improver search engine results, and generate more traffic. We also have packages of 6 articles per month for $100.
  • We can check review your website and catalog the back links from other sites to place together an optimization strategy. This can include reaching out to other websites, blogs, and influencers, to write guest posts and generate further back links improving your SEO performance in Google.
  • Finally, we can provide the service of our digital & social media Community Managers, starting at $100 packages, so if you’d like more information on how we can help there just let us know.

Our Customer Base

Additionally to our operations in the US and Oakland, we have worked for companies in Venezuela, Spain, and Ecuador, and this year we will extend our services to Colombia too.

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